Diseases Related to Smoking

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This illustration is designed to educate patients about the wide range of diseases and cancers that are associated with chronic smoking. It doesn’t give any detail about specific diseases but illustrates how smoking related disease can effect many different parts of your body.

This illustration is part of the iMD Health library of images. This illustration would be used by a doctor or pharmacist as a visual aid to explain the risks of smoking related disease to a patient considering a smoking cessation treatment program.


Range of Motion of the Left Elbow

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Slide showing illustration in context

These illustrations are meant as demonstrative evidence in a personal injury case. They demonstrate the plaintiff’s loss of elbow joint movement to a jury. The illustration on the right is based on data from a doctor’s exam over a year after the plaintiff’s elbow has be surgically repaired. The image on the left shows the normal range of elbow flexion and extension since there would be no range of motion data from before the plaintiff’s injuries. Continue reading


Neuroendocrinology of Lactation

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detail of the pituitary gland


detail of the mammary gland

This illustration is intended to communicate the neural and endocrine pathways of the milk ejection reflex in humans. The illustration differentiates between the anatomy of the adenohypophysis and neurohypophysis and how they stimulate the productions of the hormones necessary for milk production and ejection.

This illustration is a mock up for a full page textbook layout in a chapter on Neuroanatomy or Endocrinology.


Orientation Figures

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Slide page showing the orientation figure in context

X-ray imaging can be disorienting to an untrained audience. These illustrations are meant to orient a jury to the location of the plaintiff’s injuries when they are being presented with medical imaging evidence.

These orientation images are part of a medical legal interactive slide presentation that is intended to help medical experts clearly communicate complex injuries to a jury, judge and other trial participants. The presentation was created as part of a team of five students in the Masters of Science in Biomedical Communications (MScBMC) program, at the University of Toronto consisting of myself, Melissa Cory, Joy Qu, Inessa Stanishevskaya, and Erin Warkentin. We worked with McLeish Orlando Critical Injury Lawyers to ensure that the presentation met industry standards for demonstrative evidence.

This presentation won the Artery Studios award for excellence in demonstrative evidence.

The interactive presentation can be viewed below:

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