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The Case of Ann Jolie


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The Case of Ann Jolie is a medical legal slide presentation that is intended to help medical experts clearly communicate complex injuries to a jury, judge and other trial participants. It uses interactive transparency sliders to allow the medical experts to demonstrate the accuracy of the illustrations in clarifying radiographic images of the plantiffs injuries. The presentation was created as part of a team of five students in the Masters of Science in Biomedical Communications (MScBMC) program, at the University of Toronto consisting of myself, Melissa Cory, Joy Qu, Inessa Stanishevskaya, and Erin Warkentin.

This presentation won the 2012 Artery Studios Award, given by the Biomedical Communications Program, Institute for Medical Science, University of Toronto. One prize is awarded each year for excellence in the visualization of demonstrative evidence.

The interactive presentation can be viewed below:

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