Anxiety & the Fight or Flight Response

Post type: Interactive Media

This interactive illustration is intended as patient education. It is comparing the physical symptoms of an anxiety attack or chronic anxiety disorders with the changes in our body during the ” flight or fight” response. The purpose of this illustration is to give patients information about where the physical symptoms of anxiety disorders come from.

The interactivity was created using Html, CSS, and Javascript. It uses image maps and javascript image swaps through the Jquery library. The code I used was based on an example by Prof. Micheal Corrin in the Biomedical Communications program at the University of Toronto,  that can be viewed here. I used Prof. Corrin’s code and modified it so that instead of the image description fading out on mouseout, the description and structure highlight would stick until the user clicked on a different structure.

I also wanted the user to be able to hover on the illustration to see clickable areas so I used a separate set of divs that call on the same highlight images to display on mouseover and hide on mouse out.

Open the interactive illustration.


Diseases Related to Smoking

Post type: Illustration

This illustration is designed to educate patients about the wide range of diseases and cancers that are associated with chronic smoking. It doesn’t give any detail about specific diseases but illustrates how smoking related disease can effect many different parts of your body.

This illustration is part of the iMD Health library of images. This illustration would be used by a doctor or pharmacist as a visual aid to explain the risks of smoking related disease to a patient considering a smoking cessation treatment program.